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Welcome to DavinaFarrer.co.uk

Read on & find out how you can make 2020 and the next decade a positive change in your life.Davina Farrer

Firstly I’m Davina, a mum of 2 boys and have been in this industry for many years,  I became involved in Network marketing when my boys were younger and I was looking for something part time along with being a full time Mum.

This fulfilled the criteria and has rewarded me in many ways…mainly with time to be with the boys as they grew up, being taxi (I still am!) and the usual jobs being a mum.

When they were ill, I didn’t have to ask a boss for time off or have to take unpaid leave, I was able to do my job as a mum and be there for them ….and still being paid PASSIVELY for work I’d already done.

Now I am helping other people, often mums, to create the flexibility, income and self worth they want in their lives well.

Not got a pension? Well being a mum has meant I’ve not had the traditional income to put into a pension, but the PASSIVE income I have now, and that is growing everyday IS my pension, as it will pay me long after I choose to work or not.

So.. who am I looking to help?

  • Anyone who has a desire to change their life, are coachable and be prepared to put a few hours a week into it.

  • Anyone who wants to pay less for those BORING OLD BILLS

  • Anyone who wants FREE money and other goodies by shopping

To find out more, click the “Get in Touch” button below or read more about the my 3 core offerings:

Earn a Second Income

Are you better off financially than you were at the beginning of the last decade in 2010 or even the millenium in 2000? If not – look no further. What would you do if you had an extra £250 a month?, £500, £1000 or more EACH and every month? Clear your debts, go on holidays which you couldn’t normally afford, save for a deposit on a house, or just build up a savings fund in case the worst happens….. read more

Save Money on Household Bills

Many people hear this and think “Can we really save money?”…. Well, definitely.  Do you go to a supermarket at lunchtime to buy a sandwich? Do you just buy the sandwich at £2.80 or add the drink & packet of crisps too, because by buying the ‘meal deal’ you get much more for your money?  Makes sense doesn’t it? Why not look at your household bills in the same way? By bundling them together you save time & money….. read more

Lower Commercial Utility Bills

I am known locally as the savings expert, so I’ve expanded this to commercial clients too.  Our phone & broadband is very competitive & I work with you to also get the best deal with your energy. Checking around for a better deal on your energy is important but not urgent and I frequently come across business owners who have missed their transfer time and landed themselves in another contract – again…… read more