Firstly our telephone and broadband bills have been around the same as our telephone costs the year before resulting in “effectively” free broadband, result! Secondly a year ago we had spent a combined amount on gas and electricity in excess of £1,300, During the last year our spend with UW was a few pounds over £1,000 a saving of c 23%, remarkable. But it doesn’t end there. You also persuaded her to take the CashBack Card which she has used at every opportunity, mostly buying those essentials like food from Sainsbury’s but of course slipping in a few extra outfits along the way. What a bonus – our spending on the card has saved us a further £185 or 14% on our essential utilities. To sum up we saved an incredible £475 last year, 37% of our utility bills plus we are effectively getting free broadband. Davina thank you, the savings are quite remarkable.

Brian Alexander - TaxAssist Accountants

Davina has from the first time we contacted her, always given us advice and support which has enabled us to update our systems. She is a credit to UW and without doubt give support and encouragement which is always positive whilst at the same time encouraging. A first class ambassador Davina’s input to our recent upgrade of light bulbs to LED was excellent from the start and included a site visit as it was happening.

Bill & Jacqui